Big Girl Sippy Cup (an a.m. remedy for when you just have to get the taste of “What the fuck?!” out of your mouth)

The cause for needing this drink can be romance related, work related, family, foe, or in-law related.  Now before leaving the nest you created out of 600 thread count comfort, grab whatever clothing is within reach radius of the bed and put it on.  If you’re lucky, it’ll be a silk kimono.  Apply a smear of puff-reducing cream to the luggage under your eyes and let marinate under the protection of some Jackie Onassis sunglasses.  Slide your feet into some cozy slippers and ne worry plus about whatever troubles your pretty head.

Now a blending we shall go!


Half a bag of frozen organic blueberries (being frozen thickens consistency)

A crudely chopped 1/4 cup of peeled ginger root (cures nausea and is a proven anti-inflammatory)

The contents of 4 large cardamom pods

2 teaspoons of cinnamon

1 tablespoon of flax seed oil (to keep your nose wet and your coat shiny)

1 splash of orange juice

½ cup plain nonfat yogurt (use Greek, Russian or Bulgarian for best quality and extra tang)

Honey is optional (I like this recipe best when it is sour.  However, some of my friends don’t as they don’t have quite so sour a disposition.)

Blend on high until uniformly smooth.  Not soupy, but smooth.  If the blender whirs like a Cessna in your ear, add more liquid (orange juice, soymilk, vanilla rum from St. Barth’s—I leave it to your discretion to deliver whatever your good doctor orders) and blend again.

Pour into a tall glass and sip through a straw.  Let the ginger cleanse your palette and invigorate your weary soul.  Then get thee to a salon and wash whatever ails you right out of your hair!  No hurting woman should have to have hair that looks as bad as she feels.  Not all day at least.

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