Mon Ami Favori

Here is a short film from my college days that I entered into the Festival du Cinéma de Paris.  No, it didn’t win anything but I was thrilled that it was there.  Please excuse the shoddy subtitles.  They were done late one night during the last conference week of my senior year.

It’s been fun only being known as Chubby Princess in this forum.  At least to those of you who don’t actually know me.  But as Mr. Rooney said to the girl in the arcade he believed was Ferris Bueller, “Les jeux sont fait.”  Yes, I know it’s a Sartre play and yes, I’ve read it.  I just feel it’s still too early in the day for existential references.


19 thoughts on “Mon Ami Favori

  1. “Les jeux sont fait.” indeed! Love a FB reference. And I love that film. Sweet and mysterious 🙂 You are a Princess of many talents. Funny how you’re posting about loving sleep and amb has the 180 going on. Great minds think alike, but opposite? I love sleep, but just can’t seem to find the time for it with work, kids, etc. Hoping I can reunite with this friend eventually. Tell him I still love him 🙂

    • Consider us the crest and trough of the same wavelength. I, too, thought that was delightfully coincidental. And don’t worry. I’ll tell sleep you still love him. He’s quite forgiving. I’m sure he’ll understand.

  2. I love this so much!!! That’s it – t-shirt design and video production – you’re hired 😀

    PS I was totally evesdropping on the comments and can I tell you how much I love Dorothy Parker?!?

    • Oh please. Comments are for eavesdropping! Often I enjoy comments more than the actual pieces written. That includes my own stuff. And yes, Dorothy was amazing. I wrote a play about her when I was 15 called Curly Smoke. I keep thinking I should bring it back.


        Not that I don’t already, but you know what I mean.

        And I’m so glad we agree on a comment evesdropping policy! Makes me feel much better about how much I talk over at Dave’s blog 🙂

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