My Longest Love Affair. . .

has been with a sparkly pair of Marc Jacobs shoes.  These wonderful party heels have been in my life for ten years now.  That’s longer than any California or New York marriage I’ve known.  Which is to say, I’m deeply committed.

In 2003, my mother gave me with these beauties as a present.  She knew my inner squirrel would love how shiny they were.  And she was right.  From the moment I put them on, I almost never took them off.  If I was going to wear heels, these were it.  Sure I had other shoes,  but I didn’t love them the way I loved these.  Or perhaps I did love them.  I just wasn’t in love with them.

To look at them, you might think they’re a bit tacky.  And I’m the first to admit they scream “Cocaine Disco Barbie.”  But I don’t care.  That’s what I like about them.  They’re an excellent costume piece as they give the illusion of a wild side I don’t really have.  See owning these shoes allows me to adopt an attitude for a few hours without actually having to own the lifestyle.  There’s something to be said for shoes that make you feel like Michelle Pfeiffer in Scarface.  But without all the druggy gangster stuff.

The first time I wore them to a party was on New Year’s Eve in 2003.  After that, I wore them all the time.

From network summer parties. . .



to red carpet events. . .

The Perfect Man premiere, summer 2005

to my wedding. . .

at The Little Door, December 2009

Our wedding dinner at The Little Door, December 2009

to other people’s weddings even when pregnant with kitty.

Hackney Town Hall for a wedding at 20 weeks

Hackney Town Hall at 20 weeks, summer 2011

These shoes have been with me.

Present Day

Friday, July 26, 2013

W. Somerset Maugham wrote, “The love that lasts the longest is the love that is never returned.”  These shoes have never loved me.  How could they?  Still that’s never stopped me from adoring them.

But after ten years and with their resoled soles continuously wearing thinner, I think it’s time for one last disco and then their retirement.  If you have any playlist suggestions I’d be grateful.

I love you babies and I always will.

almost 10 years of love

10 years of love



12 thoughts on “My Longest Love Affair. . .

  1. heehee–you wrote a post about sparkly shoes 🙂 Nice! Lovey tribute you’ve given them. No playlist suggestions (though there are hundreds of tunes that mention “shoes” so I’d start there 😉 ), but can offer suggestions for drinks or food.

    I tend not to buy spendy, so they’d never last ten years, but I have quite a few wedges and sparkles that I love dearly. Though bought a pair of boots once (and this pair was an investment) that I announced–out loud–to love more than my kids. (and of course I was mostly kidding–haha) The very next day the zipper ripped. !! Universe caught me, so have learned to never say out loud when I do love the shoes more than my family 😉

    Yours are very pretty and I hope you keep them in a box for when your daughter grows up. Fun photos!

      • I bought two pair with the money I got back from the first, though I didn’t loooooooove either like I did that original pair.

        And is it wrong that I think your shoes are classy and not cocaine disco? (they do have that Barbie thing going on, though 😉 )

      • Two for the price of one–a much wiser purchase. Glad you think my silly shoes are classy. Hopefully, Helena will too one day. She’s not even 20 months yet and I’ve already caught her shuffling around in my ballet flats “like a big person!”

  2. I love the fact that they’ve had so much wear. I’m highly temperamental when it comes to shoes, none of mine have been loved as much (or even half as much!) as these Marc Jacobs! The only shoes that I’ve had to re-sole are my boring work pumps, but that’s not love… it’s more necessity. Ah. You’ve definitely paid a beautiful tribute to these faithful heels! x

    • Thanks! Yeah, I’m into resoling. I love my shoes until they die. And I’m always sad when they go. I think that when I find a pair of shoes I love I just need to start buying them in duplicate. Or triplicate even!

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