Kiwi Orange Blossom Popsicles

In May, my family rented a beautiful house in Céret.  Actually it was an old Catalan Mas and it sat in the most floral of settings.  Outside there was not only a cherry orchard and an assortment of herbs, but also lilacs and roses, and my favorite–an orange tree laden with blossoms.  The perfume from all those tiny white flowers was divine.  At the end of each long beach day and just after my husband and I put our daughter to bed, I’d sit on the windowsill with a glass of wine and take in that heavenly fragrance.

orange blossoms in the backyard in Ceret

orange blossoms in the backyard in Ceret

la mer at le Racou plage

la mer at le Racou

le Racou plage

le Racou plage

my favorite evening seat

my favorite evening seat

See the house where I grew up in Laurel Canyon also had an orange tree and its flowers always made our yard smell so pretty.  Sweet and delicate but with a citrus punch.  I’ve never forgotten it.  Whenever I go shopping for perfumed oils I only search out fragrances with notes of orange blossom.  It’s a scent that comforts me.

It’s also a taste I adore.

Orange blossom water is the perfumed distillation of bitter orange blossoms.  Its flavor is extremely floral and far more intense than that of rose water even though they are often used in place of each other.  What I’m saying is a little goes a long way.  Use sparingly.  Unless you’re not cooking with it and have opted to use it for morning ablutions instead.  In which case, pour it on!

My recipe for kiwi orange blossom popsicles is below.  How did I come to pair orange blossom with kiwi?  Through lots of experimentation.  But I promise you it’s a winner!

Orange blossom water

Orange blossom water

kiwi orange blossom popsicle

kiwi orange blossom popsicle


the juice of 3 large oranges

5 peeled kiwi fruit

1/2 teaspoon orange blossom water

1/4 cup honey


Add all ingredients to the blender and purée.  Pour into popsicles molds and freeze at least 4 hours.

22 thoughts on “Kiwi Orange Blossom Popsicles

  1. even the names of your popsicles are pretty 🙂 Looks divine and I second your claim that orange and kiwi work well together. Growing up in the midwest I have never had the pleasure of living near citrus trees. Oh how lovely that would be! Will close my eyes and take whiffs from an orange blossom water bottle (which I do always have on hand–lovely in cocktails), pretending I am elsewhere. Then I’ll make popsicles!

    • You are a wise woman, Liz! And I too enjoy orange essence in cocktails. And having family in Iowa, I can say I’ve had the pleasure of smelling all those sweet Midwest blossoms too. Lots of berries, cherries, and plums from what I remember. Delicious.

  2. Hello beautiful! I just found you via a post on Azita’s blog… love your gorgeous sweet recipes over here! Glad that you guys had a beautiful time away. Love the holiday snaps! It’s winter over here presently so I’m not quite in the popsicle mood (more like hot chocolate and steamed pudding!) but I’m bookmarking this for the first signs of summertime! Thanks Misti xx

    • Laura! Thank you for stopping by. I’m glad you enjoy my recipes. Good luck with your winter. I think the English summer has taken a turn and our gorgeous sunshine is now over. Which means I’ll be posting more hearty stew like fare soon.

  3. 1) even the title sounds delicious 2) the popsicle picture looks delicious 3) and that’s a killer view. Can’t ask for more than that.

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