Coconut Cake and Paolo Conte

Today is a good day.  Not just because I purchased tickets to see my favorite Italian Grandpa perform in London later this fall, but because there is leftover coconut cake from this weekend.

Saturday was an old friend’s birthday.  He and his joined us and ours for aperol spritzes and a Mexican feast I spent two days preparing.  To top it all off, I made Mr.  Peacock‘s famous coconut layer cake.  The recipe is on Better Homes and Gardens if you want to check it out.  There is even a helpful video of him walking you through each step.  I recommend it.  The only modification I made was using the fresh coconut milk in lieu of water for the syrup that goes in the icing.  Also, yesterday, I served the cake with sliced mango.  ‘Twas a winning combination.

coconut cakethe cake cake slicecross section P1000658


18 thoughts on “Coconut Cake and Paolo Conte

  1. totally my kind of cake! All those layers, all that frosting, the coconut–am gonna pull an amb here and SWOON.

    Are you literally related to PC? Love the clip–great music. Very nice 🙂 What a concert to look forward to!

    • No. No, no, no! I WISH I were related to Signore Conte. Seriously, what an amazing man to have as a grandfather?!

      Definitely make the cake when you have time. This recipe requires lots of it–time, I mean. But it’s well worth the effort.

      • just thought with all your star pedigree (I’ve looked you up on IMDb, you know 😉 ), you could very possibly really call this man “gramps.”

        OK, will make the cake if for no other reason than you told me to 😉 Seems I tend to follow your lead as guess who has a bottle of Noily Pratt in their liquor cabinet now? Yep, me! I like a lot–very warming and slightly smoky. It was dirt cheap–isn’t the spendy stuff supposed to taste good and the cheap taste bad?

  2. You. Are. Killing. Me. I am in starvation mode over here so that I can eat in Italy in a couple of weeks, and I am chomping my poor iPad. I lovelovelove coconut cake. I have several recipes, but I have never seen this one. I will have to make this…………sometime early next year when I work off all the wine and cheese and bread.

    • Italy! How exciting! That’s where I met my husband. On a vintage car rally in Sicily actually. We’ve not been back since. I keep wanting to go in the spring. To celebrate/eat my way through Easter. You’ll have a wonderful time and not even remember this coconut cake once there.

    • Just curious. Which is your favorite coconut cake? Mine is at The Peninsula Grill in Charleston, SC. Martha Stewart has the recipe on her website. It’s so time consuming and I don’t think I’d execute it well which is why I’ve never tried. Some things are best left to the professionals.

      • I live in Charleston, SC (which you may or may not have known.) That coconut cake is decadent and over-the-top good. I’ve been guilty of going there just for the cake and nothing else.

        Martha’s recipes generally exhaust me. What’s bad is that once one breaks the seal, it’s hard to go back to whatever was before. Take her mac and cheese. Four hours and fourteen dirty pots and dishes later, I swear I’ll never make it again………until I take a bite.

        My favorite coconut cake to make at home is a real cheat. Box white cake. Thaw frozen coconut and smear it over each layer, with the liquid. Frost with Cool Whip. Throw fresh coconut on top. Must be kept refrigerated because of the frozen coconut bit. It’s downmarket and tacky, but no one ever knows when I serve it. 🙂

  3. Who wouldn’t love the Italian Jacques Brel? And coconut cake? Especially from Mr. Peacock! I think Miss Edna Lewis is looking down happily at such a lovely birthday cake.

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