Throwback Thursday

Once upon a time, I played a character named Molly McKenzie on a CBS sitcom called “How I Met Your Mother.”  And because she’s the girl Ted lost his virginity to at 17, Entertainment Weekly put her at the top of their list entitled “20 Women Ted dated.”    Molly McKenzie


12 thoughts on “Throwback Thursday

  1. Are you serious? That’s so … fun isn’t the right word, cool is kind of the right word … what can I say I don’t have the right word but I just loved this. But kindly do explain how’s it possible that you now look younger than you did once upon a time ago? Please do share your fairy dust tricks and draw diagrams if necessary.

  2. How cool! I really enjoy the show, don’t watch it regularly but try to keep up – from Norway, so we’re about a decade behind though, season-wise…

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