Sartorial Advice from Frank Sinatra

“Cock your hat–Angles are attitudes.”  Everyone should own a few.  Which is why I’d like to introduce you to one of London’s best young milliners, Gabrielle Djanogly.  As well as working for top designer, Stephen Jones, she also has her own line.  She creates hats, veils, and fascinators to suit all moods and seasons.  Must you attend the wedding of someone you loathe?  Or someone you love?  Maybe you are soon to be a bride and need a veil?  Going to the derby?  In need of a fabulous piece to borrow for an editorial photo shoot?  Or perhaps you just want to be the chicest woman walking down the street?  Whatever your millinery needs, Miss Djanogly is your woman.  Take a look at her collections.  Buy a piece you see.  Or place a custom order.  You won’t regret it.



13 thoughts on “Sartorial Advice from Frank Sinatra

  1. that’s awesome–I shall live my hat-life vicariously through you, Princess. I do have a few fun hats (sort of cadet-style), but nothing with feathers, lace, or netting. Now you’re making me think I should 😉 You look smashing, dahling!

  2. You are evil and wicked for ever telling me about this site (as I push hat boxes back into my closet and try to close the door.) That fascinator looks great on you, Misti.

    Did you see the Stephen Jones hat exhibit at the V&A a couple of years ago?

    • I’m sorry! I know what it’s like to have this kind of addiction. All those boxes and never enough closet space. I’m awaiting the little straw bonnet with the black crin ribbon on it. Might cut my hair in the spring so I can wear it properly with a wavy little bob. I did not see Stephen’s exhibit. Sadly. Though I pass his shop often and he does special events all the time. Your Italy trip looks amazing!

    • I have scrolled through the photos several times. You do these hats proud. She should just let you model them all, instead of the scary bust head. I really love the sun hat with the black swirl. And your cat eye. My hand is never steady, and I fear I overdo.

      The exhibit at the V&A is a story. Fire. Evacuation. A snack around the corner. Return to empty gallery. No guards. Took illegal photo of hat called “Sex on the Brain.” Imagine it.

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