Chicken Soup with Rice


In September, for a while

I will ride a crocodile

Down the chicken soupy Nile

Paddle once, paddle twice

Paddle chicken soup with rice

~Maurice Sendak

     Helena, poor mamaleh, has a cold and I can’t help thinking it has something to do with last week’s puddle splashing.  So after I made roast chicken the other night, I decided Jewish penicillin was in order.  As my stock simmered on the stovetop, I realized, oy vey!, we had no matzoh meal in the house.  I saved all that schmaltz for nothing.  Thank goodness for leftover rice because that’s what I used and it was delicious.  To make this follow my recipe for Roast Chicken to Stock to Soup, but instead of adding matzo balls or pasta shapes, add 1-2 cups of rice.  I wanted to use red camargue but just like the matzoh meal, I was out.  I know.  I’ve clearly been slacking on keeping my pantry properly stocked.  All the same, I used basmati and it was wonderful.  “Chicken soup with rice is nice,” Helena has been chanting.  Thus the Maurice Sendak.  I bought her a copy of the poem today and she loves it like I hope you’ll love this soup.

2014-08-25 19.15.50

 3 bears soup

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