Smackerels, Elevenses, and Tea (a cinnamon toast recipe)

On my first day of kindergarten which I found extremely stressful, my mother made cinnamon toast for me after school.  Cinnamon is and has always been my palliative.  Kind of like French toast for Conrad in Ordinary People.  When I eat it, I know I’m loved and everything is going to be okay. Today I registered my two year-old for pre-school.  When we came home, I made cinnamon toast for her.  I didn’t connect the experiences until a few hours later but there they were–involuntary memories linked by a flavor from Ceylon.  I suppose for me the start of school will always taste of cinnamon.  Even if I’m not the student.   Cinnamon toast is so easy to make.  It’s one of those things that doesn’t require a recipe.  That said, The Pooh Cook Book has one.  I had a copy as a child and recently I stumbled across a copy for Helena whilst perusing the book shelf of a charity shop.  She loves it almost as much as she loved today’s cinnamon toast, both the making and the eating of it.  My hope is you do too.     cover smackerels, elevenses, and teas owl's cinnamon toast helper stirring cinnamon sugar under the grill toast 2014-10-07 14.10.43 licking sugar see food    

8 thoughts on “Smackerels, Elevenses, and Tea (a cinnamon toast recipe)

  1. A Winnie the Pooh cookbook? This makes me so happy! Great stories–connecting your mom to you to Helena. Love that cinnamon toast has such a special meaning for you.

  2. Awwww. I remember this cookbook. I wait for the day when Helena will leave the one you write around for her daughter to find.

    • Yep, this is the one. I begged mama to buy it for me at some shop on Ventura that sold really sweet dishes, knickknacks, and porcelain mice. I used to bake the chocolate cake in here and take it with me when I’d visit your office. Remember that? I used to tie the cakes with grosgrain ribbons and deliver them to the likes of Courtenay, Lorenzo, and Christian if he was around.

  3. Oh how fun. My mother always made cinnamon toast for me, too. The only difference being that ours was made under the broiler solely and so the bottom was soft and white. But, obviously, that’s because we didn’t have The Pooh Cookbook! (Though, of course, we had lots of Milne.)

  4. I’ve never seen a Winnie the Pooh cook book before, amazing, I want! Cinnamon toast always reminds me of my late grandmother when she used to buy me a mug of hot chocolate with marshmallows and slices of cinnamon toast down by the Cornish coast, magical days. Now I carry a little spice jar of cinnamon sugar with me in my handbag to add into coffee! Lovely post, lovely blog, Francesca

    • What a wonderful comment! Thank you. I’m happy you enjoyed this post and that you too have fond memories linked with cinnamon. Hot chocolate and cinnamon toast on the coast sound like lovely times. Can’t say I’ve been to Cornwall, but I’d sure love to go.

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