The Cure (a briny breakfast to chase those roaring butterflies away)

After an evening with an old friend that began with Australian semillon, Aretha Franklin and crab claws and ended with chardonnay, caviar and The Cure (but only after a rioja and ratatouille interlude–okay, and maybe some pie), it was no surprise when I awoke to the roar of the butterflies this morning .

Funny how Robert Smith’s voice was the last thing I remember as I was now in dire need of a cure.  Once downstairs, I saw the glass of water and paracetmol I left out for myself in anticipation of whatever this morning would hold.  Always think ahead and always see the glass half full.


Still, I needed more than a water soluble analgesic to help me start the day.  I turned to the fridge for inspiration.  There it was in the form of streaky bacon, fish eggs, crème fraîche, and Araucana eggs.  Bacon, as you know, is essential to every breakfast of champions.


But so too is a rich briny egg dish.  Here’s what I did: crack 3 large eggs into a bowl, whisk in a tablespoon of crème fraîche, stir in some fish eggs and a bit of salt.  Once cooked, I topped the eggs with more crème fraîche and caviar.  I’m American.  I like too much.  And the next time you’re feeling hungover (or decadent ) I hope you remember this and enjoy it too.

fish eggs egg mixture cooking eggs eggs


10 thoughts on “The Cure (a briny breakfast to chase those roaring butterflies away)

  1. “Araucana eggs”? How very Martha Stewart of you. 🙂
    I applaud your productivity under far less than ideal circumstances. When in a similar state, I’m lucky to put up a pot of coffee.

  2. killer! Sorry you weren’t feeling well, but sounds like it was fr a good cause. Those trade-offs are sometimes necessary. That breakfast looks crazy amazing. Kudos for pulling that off while entertaining butterflies–I’m impressed!

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