January, March, April, May. . .

Has a nice ring to it, doesn’t it?  Ever since college, I’ve not liked February.  Perhaps that’s because being in the Northeast it always felt like the coldest dreariest month.  Or maybe that’s just when my winter depression would peak.  No matter the reason, I hated it.  I still do.  Here is why:

This month, the local council decided to put speed bumps up and down my beautiful street.  Forget the fact that the communal garden is overrun with brambles and infested with rabid foxes or that many of the council owned buildings have balconies and built-in window boxes that are crumbling and almost braining residents on a daily basis.  The council thought money would be best spent installing speed bumps.  These speed bumps combined with all the construction for the new town centre at the bottom of the hill have made daily traffic jams and incessant honking unavoidable.  The result?  I’ve become Ray Ploshansky from GIRLS.

street traffic

Also, a new noisy neighbor has moved in who cares not at all that we share walls.  I hear everything, EVERYTHING, she says, listens to, or does.  I’ve politely tried to ask her to keep it down and she accused me of harassment for ringing her doorbell to do so.

Then there was the month of illness.  Everyone in my family was sick–coughs, fevers, chest infections, earaches.  And as my three year old has just started pre-school, I keep getting health notices about chicken pox, measles, and scarlet fever as that’s what’s been going around her class since January.

Oh yeah, and I was told I need glasses.

So it’s been a month of Aretha Franklin and cooking many delicious things, but mostly just to pass the time.  Cochinitos, ardillitas, ratatouillebread, and brownies.  All I can say is come on spring!  I could certainly use the sunshine.

cochinitos ardillitas bread stirring Photo on 2015-02-28 at 12.43


12 thoughts on “January, March, April, May. . .

    • I know! And if it’s not the incessant honking, it’s the swearing as people don’t actually slow down so much as they just scrape the bottoms of their cars. At least the snowdrops and daffodils are pretty. AND today is March!

  1. Don’t I once remember a girl who wanted glasses with no correction so she could look like a girl who wore glasses?

  2. Sorry a tough winter. But your glasses look good, so no worries there. And of course your daughter is adorable AND you have carbs, so life is indeed good.

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