Silk Dyed Easter Eggs

Using silk to dye Easter eggs is my favorite way of decorating them.  The brighter the colors, the better.  You can use old ties, scarves, skirts, shirts, whatever.  Just make sure the fabric is 100% silk.  I can’t lie.  I often look in charity shops throughout the year for good patterns or color schemes to buy on the cheap and keep for Easter.  I found there were only so many times I could raid my husband’s tie drawer.


Here is what you need:

-white eggs (I like to use duck eggs)

-white vinegar

-rubber bands

-a large pot

-silk and white cotton fabric


Here is what you do:

If using ties, unpick them and remove the lining.  I save the linings for later use.



Next, cut the fabric into strips large enough to wrap around your eggs.  Be sure to make as much of the fabric touch the shell as you can.  Wrapping rubber bands around the fabric helps.  Tie them tightly at the ends with more rubber bands or some string.

silk wrapped

Wrap some white fabric around the colored fabric.  This is when I use the tie linings.

white wrapped

Place the eggs in a pot with cold water and a 1/4 cup of white vinegar.  Place a plate over the eggs to prevent them from floating to the top.  Once they come to a boil, allow them to cook for 25 minutes.


Remove them from the pot and transfer them to a bowl of cold water.  Cool completely.

cooling eggs

Remove the rubber bands and material to reveal your lovely silk dyed eggs.  Enjoy and happy Easter!  And yes, these make for a really colorful egg salad.

eggs carton of eggs last year's eggs 2 last year's eggs happy easter


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