When I was 6 and first moved to Los Angeles, my mother and I were hungry.  The kind of hungry that qualified me for two free meals a day at school and made her say things like “Sweetheart, I’ve had enough.  You eat it.”  I remember my grandmother sending us a box of food from Hawaii and never feeling more grateful for Top Ramen and Kraft macaroni and cheese.  After my mother’s first proper acting job, she came home with food she had taken from craft service at lunch but not eaten.  She had saved it for me.  Though we were never starving, we were certainly poor and while our hungry days didn’t last long, they lasted long enough for me to remember and always be grateful.

Which is why I just helped #FEEDGREECE.

“Parcel Broker have teamed up with Greek charity Desmos to allow you to send care packages completely FREE. The campaign is designed to enable people to send a package of food weighing up to 10kgs to Greek charity Desmos. The charity will then distribute the care packages to families in need of them. We are sending up to 500 parcels so if you want to take part in this be sure to get your parcel together quickly and follow the steps below to be a part of the project.” 

I am sender #60.  You could be the next.

*I should add this project is only available to those living in the U.K.



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