Belles Lettres


Desperately Seeking . . . Stan?

Whatever Abner Doubleday (A Cracker Jack recipe)

Nora Ephron’s Key Lime Pie

Cornmeal and Pontiac Grand Ams 

The Origins of Chagrinnamon Toast

Maundy Thursday Mani-Pedi

Bukowski’s Cat

From the Annals of My Middle School Days: The Earmarkings of an Actor

Darjeeling with Dogs: Whole Milk and Andy Warhol on the Side

Fireworks, Fruit Pies, and Words for Miss Fairchild

Mon Ami Favori


Luxuriously Unimpressive

Weekly Photo Challenge: Nostalgic

Fifth Grade Poetry

Gowns, Ghosts, and Gazpacho

Twaddle for Tuesday

On Being a Chubby Princess

My Longest Love Affair. . . 

Throwback Thursday

Sartorial Advice from Frank Sinatra

Rigatoni All Vodka for the Mean Reds

Slicily (or so I’ve called it after a few aperol spritzes) and the Sweet Life

No Uscita

Frozen Happiness

What Does an American Wear. . .


Classic for a Reason (a tribute to de Pomiane and his tomates à la crème)

Lina, Lina, Lina!

Representing America and Making a Case for Too Much: Me

Goodbye Pompous Chair, Hello Guardian 

Sloaney Ponies, Supermodels, Spaniels, and Ham

January, March, April, May. . .

Violet Cakes and California Stars

South Wind Through My Kitchen

Rigatoni Alla Vodka for the Mean Reds Revisited

La Tupina, Sheep’s Cheese and Cherry Jam

Auntie Marianne

What to Watch on Your Sofa . . 

British Reserve

A Case for Thanksgiving

Blood Clots, Codeine, Cookies and Cashmere

Watercolor Wisdom

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