Only the Best Brisée Ever

Chubby Princess’s Ginger Peach Pie

Whatever Abner Doubleday (A Cracker Jack recipe)

Confederate Confections (A Mint Julep recipe)

Big Girl Sippy Cup (an a.m. remedy for when you just have to get the taste of “What the fuck?!” out of your mouth)

Nora Ephron’s Key Lime Pie

Pum Runch

Miss Hampton’s Peanut Buttah Pie

Le Temps des Cerises (A Cherries Jubilee Recipe)

Grandma’s Old-Timey-Any-Timey Rolls (orange and cinnamon)

Recipes from The Rabbit Hospital (Lemon Raspberry Muffins and 5 Bag Chamomile tea)

Greedy Summer Squirrel Pie

Blue Horizon Pie

Happy Almost Independence Day!

The Perfect Summer Iced Tea

Strawberry Nectarine Cream Popsicles with Raspberries

Creamy Coconut Raspberry Popsicles with Pomegranate Arils

Strawberry Rosewater Popsicles with Cardamom

Kiwi Orange Blossom Popsicles

Cuckoo for Cocoa Powder Brownies

Blackberry Cobbler

Noilly Prat and Bacon Fat and Apple-Berry Crumble for Boys Who Are Humble

Coconut Cake and Paolo Conte

The Fluffy Pancake Files

Anjou Pear Cake

St. Clement’s Cake

A Mexican Piggy Cookie By Any Other Name

Lemon Icebox Pie

Apple Custard Pie

Raw Chocolate Truffles

Milk Chocolate-Hazelnut Cookies

Sticky Summer Cobbler

Things That Stick to Your Ribs (A Profiteroles Recipe) 

A La Recherche du Pain Perdu

Masala Chai for Afternoon Ennui

L’Shanah Tovah!

Smackerels, Elevenses, and Tea (a cinnamon toast recipe)

Sweet Potato Pie with Pecans and Molasses

Happy Halloween!

Every Feeling Has a Flavor (a winter pie recipe)

Yo Soy Paddington (A Warming Marmalade Recipe)

Why is Life Worth Living? (A Cream-Filled Cupcake Recipe)

Saturday’s Sundaes

Strawberry Rhubarb Crumble

La Tupina, Sheep’s Cheese and Cherry Jam

Food for a Summer Cold (a hot ginger lemonade recipe)

Ginger Peach Jam

Secrets (an apple plum sauce recipe)

My Mother-in-Law’s Coffee Cake

Honey Marmalade Cake

Blueberry Crumble Bars

Rhubarb and Strawberry Sunday (A jam recipe)

Strawberry Shortbread Sundaes

Orange Almond Rhubarb Crumble Cake

Scarily Good Ghostie Meringue Cupcakes


Peppermint Bark

Cardamom Layer Cake with Marmalade Mascarpone

Lightly Lemony Mascarpone and Vanilla Bean Cheesecake

A Taste of Two Islands: Blackberry Jam and Lilikoi Custard

Sicilian Inspired Easter Bread

Twin Peaks Dark Chocolate Cherry Pie

Peanut Butter Brownies

Almond Cherry Crumble Tart


Galette Des Rois

Hot Cross Buns

Lemon Curd


Ungeheuer Chili

Lucy’s Salsa

Miss Cat Ballou’s Creamy Mashed Potatoes

End of the Rainbow Ragù Rustico

Foul Weather Curry

Hello, Sailor!  (A Navy Bean Recipe)

Post-Lying-Vegetarian Sandwiches

Spaghetti and Meatballs

Grandma’s Old-Timey-Any-Timey Rolls (butterhorns)

Summer Salade for Two

Chicken Stew with Mushrooms and Tarragon

Swarthy Sicilian Chicken for Magical Realists

Happy Almost Independence Day!

Gowns, Ghosts, and Gazpacho

Non-Vegetarian Vegetable Curry (sorry, I love chicken stock)

Vegetarian Eggplant Curry

Noilly Prat and Bacon Fat and Apple-Berry Crumble for Boys Who Are Humble (chicken legs)

Apple, Pork, and Fennel Stew

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